Modern Problems, Traditional Knowledge: Parking Structures

Anyone want to tell me why people don’t build parking structures like this?

Gothic, Arches, Architecture, Old, arch, stone, monastery, historic,  medieval, historical | Pxfuel

I recognize that the ramps between storeys may be a challenging problem architecturally – but that’s just part of the challenge of architecture. I want people to think carefully about solutions to modern problems, solutions that sustainably draw from a genuine knowledge of tradition, without imitating slavishly. It’s a rebuke against the inhuman transhumanist and a call to be human again.

We don’t have to have ugly parking structures: even a parking structure can be made dignified and human. Part of me doesn’t want neoliberal technocrats to use traditional architecture to deceive people, in much the same repulsive way as they try to brand their companies as ‘family’, but I do think orthodox Christians should use traditional architecture to offer a true alternative to the stultifying world offered by the neoliberals – not as a subculture, but as an apocalyptic sign of a coming kingdom, a witness against the wicked.


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