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The State’s Duty to God (Part 2A): Upholding Justice

This is Part 2A of a (rather irregular) series on what the state is obligated to do under God’s authority.

[I base the following on exhaustive searches in the Bible (ESV) of “govern”, “rule (v.)” and “ruler”.]

Being Just in Ruling and Judging

Encoding and executing justice while shunning injustice is the first function of the state, its duty before God.

Wisdom: Discernment Between Good and Evil

Wisdom, the thing to which which we ought to attach the most value in a ruler, is employed in service of its purpose. For the state, or rather for its leaders, the purpose of wisdom is to be able to judge between good and evil for the sake of, in the words of the U.S. Constitution, “establish[ing] justice”.

When the Lord appeared to the great king Solomon in a dream at the beginning of his reign, saying, “Ask what I shall give you,” the king asked thus: Continue reading