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John of Damascus and Æternal Subordination of the Son



The Iceberg of Latin Literature

My friend has made a great Latin meme. Go bump it if you have Facebook, and #MakeLatinGreatAgain. Syke! Latin’s already great.


Christ Enthroned on the Theotokos

Drawing by Veronica Cruwys.

He whom heaven and earth cannot contain is cradled in his mother’s lap, for me and for you.

Behold the mighty arm of the Lord. Behold the revelation that binds together the fragments by which the majestic God could not but be expressed by the prophets and the pagan sages. Behold the light of God’s face, which Moses could not see and live, which now burns in the hearts of all who believe in his Name. Worship him now; bend the knees of your heart and kiss the light of his countenance, which gives you peace.

Let loving hearts enthrone him.


Pulled Rickshaws for Students

In the museum of Toyota in Aichi Prefecture in Japan.

Just for fun: I think rickshaws would occasionally be a very useful service on some large university campuses, especially if you had to get from Barker to Kroeber or from GPB to Hearst Mining.


Orderly Geometric Construction

The builders of Amiens Cathedral honoured God with geometry as they made a house of prayer (and notice the golden rectangle in A):