Springfield, VirginiaThe name of this blog, being in Latin, may strike you as prætentious. That claim I will not attempt to dispute, but at least I should explain the name, which I promise is for brevity and not for prætension. Cogito, credo, petam means ‘I think, I believe, I will seek.’ I was meant to think, and thinking I was meant to believe, and believing I was meant to seek both to know God in his glory and to please him in all my doings – hence my name, Lue-Yee Tsang: for by my very name I am called to walk in the paths of righteousness.

Of first importance to my identity and outlook, you may gather, is the Christian faith. This faith, I believe, is fundamental truth that applies to all mankind: it is the correct orientation of our species, toward the one and living God. This most basic fact of humanity is presupposed by the rest; and this truth is a gift of God which I can neither escape nor deny.

Born Chinese but also called by the Lord to the faith of Jesus Christ, I am Reformed by conviction and Anglican by choice. Acknowledging God’s sovereignty in all he has disposed without reference to my will – he is my lord, and I his silly vassal – I kiss the Son and confess the faith as a Reformed Protestant. And the form of polity and piety I judge most suitable for the Chinese character, and perhaps aptest to round out some of the rough edges of the American character, representing mainstream Reformed Christianity, is that which has been received by the Church of England, whose daughter churches are throughout the world known as Anglican churches.

Such is the perspective I write from. This blog will be a place for some of my thoughts as they come to me and as time permits, in sometimes eccentric prose, uncensored by political correctness – though conforming, I hope, to decorum and civility. I hope what I write will be a blessing to you; if interested, read on, and leave some interesting comments.

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