Girl Survey


his post is of my responses to a survey about, well, girls, found among a friend’s Facebook notes. Or as the instructions said, “Ok, guys, let’s talk about girls! Guys, you can fill this out.” (via Fabian’s Facebook note)

Eye color? Any. But green is definitely not for East Asians. Works well with Persians, though.

Hair color? Black or brown.

Do you want her to kiss you on the first date? No. Way too early. Go slowly and deliberately. There’s something called depth that you need in order to sustain a marriage.

If not, when? When we are married. For mouth kisses, at least.

Athletic, preppy, girly-girl, emo or skater? None of the extremes.

Skinny, muscular, chubby or fat? Slender. You know, not fat, not bulky in musculature.

Shorter or taller than you? Shorter.

Experienced or inexperienced? Pure and able to give and receive love in constant fellowship with the Lord. For the rest, see this blog post on what matters more than that simple categorical classification.

Do looks matter? Well, yes, looks matter: if you are going to be with someone for your entire life you want her to be pleasant to look at. At the same time, looks will fade: even the physical beauty of Abraham’s wife Sarah, who looked good enough at 70 to enter Pharaoh’s house, did eventually fade. Inner beauty is much more important, sustainable and “appreciable, if we were to think in terms of assets.

What’s a major turn-off? If she is uncaring, wilfully disobedient to God, chronically a mental slacker, I will be turned off, as I will be too if she is immodest and base. Emotional neediness.

What’s a major turn-on? If she lives her life fully for God, loves others, (sings, cooks,) &c. it’s a major turn-on. Wisdom is definitely a strong one. If she can talk about literature, moral philosophy, political history and art history, all the better. If she really speaks more than one language, that’s great. Good writing is always a valuable and enjoyable asset. And realistically speaking, I probably will not be attracted in the first place if her intellect isn’t at least one standard deviation above the mean.


3 responses to “Girl Survey

  1. Good thoughts. Thanks for being real 🙂


  2. hmm that’s quite detailed. Are you describing someone you know? 😀


  3. Are you describing someone you know?
    No lah.


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