Your Christian School Mission Is Too Small

Words on the Diocesan Boys’ School Main Building. By Devilreborn.

To have Christian schools, rather than schools that by their way of teaching and of doing things deny the presence of God, is a positive good. The tendency to withdraw into private circles, private schools, private life, effects what late liberal zealots hope for: a state in which Christianity is increasingly a private affair, unable to make claims upon, or even about, the world. Such a withdrawal, though easier for those with the money, is out of reach for the poorer among us. And what are they to do? Shall those who have money withdraw their resources while the needs of their brethren are neglected, and the poorer children left to rot in their schools? What is needed is a system of Christian schools which, though not funded by taxes, is essentially public.


2 responses to “Your Christian School Mission Is Too Small

  1. Yes! Just like the Christian courts were open to anyone in Rome and became known for their fairness.

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